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The Spring 2016 University Challenge is live!

We’re happy to announce that the Vetr University Challenge is back! If you’re currently a college student, you have the chance to put your investment analysis skills to the test for a shot at an internship with Vetr, Amazon gift cards, and more!

We had an awesome turn out last semester with 325 students from 135 schools across the world participating, shout out to Michael Odere for winning last semester’s competition. Let’s make this University Challenge the biggest one yet!

While the rules for this competition are similar to last semester’s, we have made some important changes.

Here are the rules:

  • Students pick 10 stocks or more and rate them on Vetr (No penny stocks – Stocks with a price less than $5)
  • Your top 10 performing stocks will be averaged together and used to determine ranking and points
  • Your earn points, based on:
  • Your percentile for your average return will determine your base points. For example: if your stock ratings perform in the 95th percentile among participants, then you will earn 95 points in the competition.
  • Your can earn additional points by:
  • Writing analysis posts on any stock of your choosing. Click on the Analysis tab in any ticker page (lookup a stock using the search box on top) and write your analysis. You will gain 1 point per analysis post (maximum of 10 points, analysis post much be at least three sentences long). Ratings that include analysis will also count towards additional points.
  • Inviting friends to Vetr – 1 point per friend invited (maximum of 15 points). You earn 1 point for every person that joins.

You can head over to to register!

Good luck!



Vetr Releases their Top Picks for January, the leading website for displaying target prices, has announced their top picks for January 2015.  

Last month, Rogier v Vlissingen @vliscony made the top stock picks on Vetr overall as well as in the technology sector with a return of 27.58% and 31.47% respectively, Jacky Cheng @itsjackcheng made the top stock picks in the Consumer Cyclical sector with a return of 8.87%, and Commodities Trader @CommoditiesTrader made the top stock picks in the Healthcare sector with a return of 9.03%.

Most fascinating about this month’s release of Vetr’s top pickers is that all of them made bearish predictions. “We’ve never seen anything like this in the past 3 months of releasing top stock pickers, it goes to show how weak the market is at the moment.” says Patrick Williams, President at Vetr.

Vetr will showcase their top stock picks of the month every month in the consumer cyclical, healthcare, and technology sectors. More sectors will be included soon.

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