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Crowd Beats Wall Street Analysts in November, the leading website for displaying target prices, has
announced its winners for November 2015.  These winners are determined by their percent returns, which represent the average returns of a user’s rating for the calendar month of November, regardless of when the rating was entered. Marla
Stout @marlie won the Top Rater Award in the Consumer Cyclical sector with a
return of 8.6%, Aspiring Investor @a94027 won the award in the Healthcare sector with a return of 14.42%,
Commodities Trader @CommoditiesTrader won the award in the Technology sector with a return of 23.05%,
and last but not least, Max Peng @mp3490 won the Top Rater Award on Vetr overall with a return of

The concept of Vetr is to allow
investors to quickly “vet” potential investments.  With this new feature, visitors can focus on
the recommendations of users who have the best records based on their target
prices.  Vetr’s Top Raters section
showcases who the Top Raters are every month in the Consumer Cyclical Sector,
Healthcare Sector, Technology Sector, and on Vetr overall.

The most fascinating part about this
page is that there are ZERO Wall Street Analysts who are showcased. “These
lists are for Vetr’s top raters, period. Analyst or not, if you’re making the
right stock picks, you will be noticed.” Said JD Singh, SVP of Business
Development at Vetr.  “We look forward to
seeing whether Wall Street will do any better in December.”

Vetr’s Top Rater section will update
every month and additional sector raters will be introduced in the following

investment research platform that provides simplified crowdsourced star-ratings
for the stock market and delivers personalized insights and alerts based on the
people, stocks and funds you follow. With over 55,000 ratings and counting,
Vetr is designed to let investors ‘vet’ their investments by seeing what its
users think will happen to a stock’s price.


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