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The Crowd and The Crash

The Crowd
and The Crash

Can we call it a crash? The market {DJ IA} closed less than
two percent down compared to last week and opened 58 points down this morning.
Nothing compared with 2008/09.  

The Crowd at had some amazing predictions by
individual stock pickers and if you become a Vetr User (Join at or
Vetrer you should consider watching these smart investors. Although they only
have one stock rated with us, not something we would recommend, they have done
very well over the past five turbulent days.  Here is a list of our top five Crowd performers:

“@Abba457” used this volatile ETF XIV Credit Suisse AG to
make a staggering 40.26% return over the volatile five day scare or “not so
flash crash”. This far outstripped any of the analysts that we cover.

Coming in second in the Crowd was” @takeoverlease” with an impressive
23.78% return betting the ranch on DUST- Gold Miners Bear 3X Direxion, again
not that we would recommend one bet but worth watching.

“@Kipstur” who doubled the number to two predictions on
Vanguard Natural Resources LLC and EPD Enterprise Products Partners LP and
clearly enjoys warm climates, came in at an impressive 13.99% return.

“@Eleutron2” having again bet the ranch on one prediction,
this time on the more popular AMZN rocked the market with a 12.86% return.

Fifth and final this report and “@bklyncamille”, who again
like all our top five has a much larger Watchlist was only betting on one pony
romped home with a 12.07% return.