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Vetr Blog August 13th Citi and Apple

The Crowd at Vetr has always been a little jaundiced of the
bank stocks as they don’t see that much innovation in the sector and harbor
feelings from 2008, so they believe that $56.90 is a fair price for C. The
Analysts are looking much more bullish at $64.27 which would be huge pat on the
back for present management, with C’s bad bank now coming good could the
analyst’s be correct for a change.

Merrill Lynch analysts have changed their rating to agree
with The Crowd at Last week the analysts downgraded their rating down
from $142 to $130 just below’s crowd at $133.33. The crowd here feels that
the watch is a bust or just not taking off as quickly as it could have. Was it
a PR blunder to launch the $10K version so quickly?

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