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The Five Most Bullish Popular Stocks on Vetr

Which stocks do people think will go up in 2015? It’s easy to name stocks your gut tells you will rise, but as we know your gut may not always be in-line with the crowd. A great personal example is a taco place near my home that I love, but it only has 3-stars on Yelp. Go figure. We dug in to popular stocks on Vetr to find out which ones people were collectively most bullish on, giving them all 5 stars.

1)      El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc. $LOCO

100% of the ratings for $LOCO are bullish. Maybe the popularity of Gustavo Fring has brought light to Pollo. Regardless, the Vetr community feels the stock is going to go up over 60% as early as April.

2)      Wayfair Inc. $W

Wayfair is also a stock that people are bullish about on Vetr. The community is predicting the stock to go up to close to $40 over the next 3 months. It seems that college kids may finally be getting tired of Ikea furniture.

3)      Vivint Solar Inc. $VSLR

With gas prices plummeting, you would think people would be bearish on solar firms. Based on the sentiment of the Vetr community, it doesn’t look like cheap gas is going to last very long. They’ve suggested that Vivint will be more than doubling in value over the next 6 months.

4)      Canadian Solar Inc. $CSIQ

Another alternative energy stock, Canadian Solar, is a popular stock with Vetr users. $100% of the ratings for Canadian Solar are bullish, highlighting the strong sentiment towards solar companies and Canada.

5)      Foresight Energy LP $FELP

Not solar, but yet another energy firm gaining popularity on Vetr. Recently coal has taken a backseat to oil, but not with the Vetr community. This is likely a reflection of an increase in naughty children’s stocking stuffers for the 2014 holiday season.

Energy stocks being in the top 5 isn’t a huge stretch, but I’m sure most readers weren’t considering a chicken restaurant and an online furniture store being the top popular bullish stocks of the investment community. I’m sure there will be plenty of new ideas and conclusions arising from Vetr ratings in the coming months.


JD Singh – SVP of Business Development