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Vetr presents at Demo Day 4.0, hosted by FinTech Sandbox

Vetr gave a presentation on the growth of its product at this year’s Demo Day 4.0, hosted by FinTech Sandbox in Boston. The event took place on Thursday, April 20 at 3pm.

You can view the presentation here. And, below are a few photos from the day. Great fun!

We highly recommend you check out FinTechSandbox, it is a terrific organization that matches emerging Fintech companies with leading data providers and enables an engaged, supportive community.




Vetr CEO, Mike Vien wowing the crowd

Dynamic Duo

Such a good convo, the screen timed out

Left to Right: Harvey Hudes (Caliber), Mike Vien (Vetr),
Jason Raznick (Benzinga), and Evan Schnidman (Prattle)

Listen to Mike Vien’s live interview on Benzinga PreMarket Morning Prep Show

Thanks to the Benzinga PreMarket Morning Prep team for hosting our CEO, Mike Vien, this morning and for a great discussion about Vetr and trends in the FinTech industry.

Broadcast on March 7, 2017 at 9:00 am. The segment starts at 1:03:08 in the stream embedded below.





#PreMarket Prep, is a daily, live trading idea radio show hosted by Spencer Israel and Joel Elconin who do a great job every morning featuring finance industry guests and discussing market movers, key technical levels and trading ideas.

Listen here.

Vetr invited to present at Demo Day

Vetr invited to present at Demo Day

Great news! Vetr has been invited to present at Demo Day 4.0 on April 20th at Fidelity Investments in Boston.

Vetr at Demo Day

Demo Day is a special event that recognizes and helps to promote the great work of member resident companies participating in FinTech Sandbox’s innovative program.

Check out the FinTechSandbox.  It is a terrific organization that matches emerging fintech companies with top shelf data providers in an engaged, supportive community.

We have attended a number of these events and they offer excellent exposure and great networking opportunities.

We hope to see you there.

 Team Vetr

Vetr joins the FinTech Sandbox program

Vetr accepted to FinTech Sandbox

We are very happy and excited to announce that we’ve recently been accepted to the FinTech Sandbox program in Boston. This program is a 6-months program that connects startups with data vendors to help them build better products.

Vetr accepted in FinTech Sandbox

As a resident of the six-month program, Vetr will gain access to a robust set of data feeds and APIs from a range of leading data providers such as FactSet and Thomson Reuters.  Cloud hosting services from industry-leading infrastructure partners such as Amazon are available too.

The FinTech Sandbox is recognized as one of the most successful organizations in the industry as it relates to providing presentation opportunities for its members.  Throughout the year, it hosts numerous networking events for members of the fintech ecosystem to connect with peers and forge new business contacts.

We have been building advanced capabilities to our investment network and prediction engine.  Our partnership with the FinTech Sandbox and its data partners will allow us to build better products and increase the value we provide for our clients.

We will gain access to a wider array of financial data and resources, which will add to the richness of information on our unique platform. We look forward to collaborating and sharing knowledge with other FinTech Sandbox program participants.  

Please stayed tuned for further announcements coming soon.

New messaging experience comes to Vetr!

Vetr direct messaging

Ah, direct messaging.  We know people love to message each other, and now it’s easier than ever to do so on Vetr.

Vetr is all about helping our members discover and create connections within the community to be more productive and successful investors.  We’ve seen Vetr members come together to do some very incredible things. Such as, predicting security prices within 0.3% unweighted error and create over 60,000 ratings across more than 6,000 individual securities. We absolutely love it when communities unite like this. That’s why we introduced notifications last month: to help communities get smarter about their investment decisions and feel even closer and more connected. 

What comes next is even cooler.  You asked us for real time instant messaging and now it’s here.  We’re excited to announce that we’ve added direct messaging to Vetr so that our members can chat individually with other Vetr members. We’re thrilled to be able to bring you what has been one of your most requested features!  

direct messaging

As a result, direct messages makes your relationships stronger and your trading and investing easier.  Whether you’re researching stocks, reaching out to new relationships or you’re sharing news articles and discussing it privately via a message with your connections – direct messaging makes everything you do on Vetr more meaningful, personal and powerful.

Our new messaging experience has taken off last week with English speaking members around the world.  We hope these changes help you connect more easily – and directly – on Vetr with the people, causes and companies you care about most.

We’re hard at work to explore the possibilities of how we will extend this experience.  We look forward to making it possible on mobile and in other languages in the near future.  Let us know what you think and suggestions for how we can improve the experience. 

Intro to Vetr’s New CEO

Introducing our new Vetr CEO Mike Vien

Welcome to our newly redesigned blog where we will give updates on the business and our growing community.  We’ll also share our thoughts on the markets in which we operate and the factors which influence them.


Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself as the new CEO of Vetr (that’s me in the middle at the 2016 Benzinga FinTech Awards).

In fact, while our company has only been around for a short while, Vetr is the only company to be nominated and to win the Benzinga FinTech Awards two consecutive years in a row: “Best Use of the Crowd – 2015” and “Best Trading Idea Platform – 2016”.

It would be an understatement to say that I’m excited to join the Vetr team and lead this small group of talented and dedicated individuals.  Given my background, which has largely consisted of creating and managing the growth of multiple start-up and emerging companies in Financial Services over the past two decades, I can truly say that Vetr is an extension of one of my life’s passions – to build great teams and great companies.

And, I couldn’t be more excited about our progress to date and the opportunity ahead of us.  As many of you know, we’ve embarked on a big mission: to connect the world’s investors to make them more financially effective and successful.    

The idea behind Vetr is truly powerful – the ability to tap into society’s collective intelligence and consolidate the aggregated knowledge and behaviors of individuals for the benefit of the whole community.  I’m impressed with how this idea has resonated with individual investors, and the company – through our web technology, crowdsourcing prediction platform, and the use of social networking to exchange insights – has created something special.  The proof is in the numbers as we have an active and growing user community. 

My job now is to create even more value for our community.  I will be responsible for driving Vetr to the next level, building on the solid foundation and momentum achieved by the Vetr team.  My goal is to massively scale Vetr’s membership and business, both of which has the potential to fundamentally transform the way the world connects to invest.

Over the coming months you may see or hear that we are adding new features to enhance your experience.  We are kicking off efforts to grow the community and add functionality that we hope you’ll find useful.  So, I wanted to ask you to reach out to us and let us know what we can do to improve your user experience.

Please take a few minutes to look around Vetr and send me a note.  I would love to speak with you at your convenience.  


[email protected]

Vetr and MIT Collaboration – Prediction Market Challenge

Vetr and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are conducting the first-ever university study to measure how the wisdom of the crowd is smarter than Wall Street experts. 

The initial results are truly remarkable, so stay tuned for more information and results of the study.

In the meantime, this MIT report provides some background into the world of prediction markets and the technologies surrounding them. Join David Shrier, Dhaval Adjodah, Weige Wu and Alex “Sandy” Pentland as they explore the rise and evolution of prediction markets.



Vetr wins at the Benzinga FinTech Awards won the award for ‘Trading Idea Platform & Apps’ at the Benzinga FinTech Awards on May 24, 2016. Vetr is a platform that allows individuals to “vet” investments by aggregating price targets to create simple crowdsourced star ratings. The ‘Trading Idea Platform & Apps’ category showcased companies that encourage the public to share investment ideas with each other, which Vetr is doing with their crowdsourced star ratings. Other companies nominated in this category included Trade Ideas, All Star Charts, and Tradespoon. Vetr was among 57 total finalists that attended the event.

The fintech industry covers “innovation within financial services”. Fintech companies with all kinds of different purposes were showcased at the award show from robo advisors to crowd sourced data.

Benzinga president, Kyle Bazzy, said that the awards show was filled with the movers and shakers of the financial world. He also said that every company in attendance is allowing the public to gain wealth in an accessible, affordable, and transparent way. This was the second year that the Benzinga Fintech Awards has taken place.

About Vetr

Powered by data science and built for investors, Vetr is a crowdsourced prediction and online investment platform for the stock market.  As an investment-oriented social networking service, Vetr helps individual investors discover real-time investment opportunities by crowdsourcing price target predictions, star ratings on stocks, and portfolio data for free.  Members “vet” stocks together to make better investment decisions versus searching through endless amounts of news and data found on traditional investing sites.

Benzinga is a financial media outlet that empowers investors with content that is coveted by Wall Street traders.

The Spring 2016 Vetr University Challenge results are in!

You read that right! The Vetr University Challenge is officially over, the ratings have been audited, and the results are in!

But before we announce the winners, we want to give a big thank you to all who participated. Without you, this competition would not have been possible, and we hope that you continue to use Vetr and make awesome ratings. Now without further adieu, here are the winners of the Spring 2016 Vetr University Challenge.

Let’s start with the extra prizes:

The student who wrote the most stock analyses, winning a $50 Amazon gift card, is Joe Haegele from Cornell University.

The student who referred the most people to Vetr, winning a $50 Amazon gift card, is Ryan Lundeen from the University of Nebraska, Omaha.

The student who earned the most achievements, winning a $100 Amazon gift card, is Jacob Engel from the University of Nebraska, Kearny.

Now for the moment we’ve all be waiting for, here are the winners of the Spring 2016 Vetr University Challenge:

In third place, winning a $150 Amazon gift card, we have Sergei Banashko from Fordham University who earned 123 points and a 39.66% return.

In second place, winning a $200 Amazon gift card, we have Joe Haegele from Cornell University who earned 124 points and a 44.6% return.

And last and certainly not least, the winner of the Spring 2016 Vetr University Challenge, winning a $250 Amazon gift card and an interview for an internship with Vetr, is Ryan Lundeen from the University of Nebraska, Omaha who earned 125 points and a 48.74% return!

Congratulations to our winners, you can see the full leaderboard here.

We hope you had as much fun as we did following this competition, because we had a blast checking out these impressive stock picks. Its encouraging to see young people getting hands on experience picking stocks as it will give them an opportunity for better financial independence in the future. We hope that the students who participated learned valuable skills through the University Challenge.

Be sure to check out our next University Challenge, because we have something huge in the works!

Thank you and best of luck with finals!

The Vetr Team – Rahul, JD, Zoheb, Santhosh, Patrick, and Mike

The Spring 2016 University Challenge is live!

We’re happy to announce that the Vetr University Challenge is back! If you’re currently a college student, you have the chance to put your investment analysis skills to the test for a shot at an internship with Vetr, Amazon gift cards, and more!

We had an awesome turn out last semester with 325 students from 135 schools across the world participating, shout out to Michael Odere for winning last semester’s competition. Let’s make this University Challenge the biggest one yet!

While the rules for this competition are similar to last semester’s, we have made some important changes.

Here are the rules:

  • Students pick 10 stocks or more and rate them on Vetr (No penny stocks – Stocks with a price less than $5)
  • Your top 10 performing stocks will be averaged together and used to determine ranking and points
  • Your earn points, based on:
  • Your percentile for your average return will determine your base points. For example: if your stock ratings perform in the 95th percentile among participants, then you will earn 95 points in the competition.
  • Your can earn additional points by:
  • Writing analysis posts on any stock of your choosing. Click on the Analysis tab in any ticker page (lookup a stock using the search box on top) and write your analysis. You will gain 1 point per analysis post (maximum of 10 points, analysis post much be at least three sentences long). Ratings that include analysis will also count towards additional points.
  • Inviting friends to Vetr – 1 point per friend invited (maximum of 15 points). You earn 1 point for every person that joins.

You can head over to to register!

Good luck!